Current Obsessions - Ceramic Love

So, I want to start a series of post of things that I am obsessed with...

decor items, design concepts, trends, etc. that I personally am LIVING for! These can be trending things or these could just be something that I am crushing on. I’m not sure how often these will be posted, maybe seasonally maybe monthly - we will play it by ear. Regardless if you know me, you know I love hard. I'm a ride or die kind of guy; and I want to share things that I like with you. Hopefully it’s something that you all can incorporate easily in your homes to add a new touch.

This post of obsessions is all revolving around ceramic decor accent pieces/art. These two things I have in my own home as I always love playing round with decorative accents. This is because you can easily change the whole feel of the room by rearranging accent pieces you have throughout your place or doing seasonal changes. So I highly suggest in investing in some decorative accents that represent you and your style nicely. Plus, these are both smaller decorative objects that can be applied to any home or style. You're welcome for making this easy ;)



Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold and literally translates to “gold repair”. It’s a Japanese form of art that gives a new meaning to the pottery. The "scars" tell a story and make the piece more beautiful than it was originally was. I am all about emotional ties to things and having your home tell your personal story through design . I thinks Kintsugi pieces do just that. Let's be honest, we all have our own emotional baggage, history, or story to tell... Wether or not your scars are visible or not Kintsugi embraces imperfection and makes it clear that those only enhance the beauty. Like I can't get over how amazing that sentiment is... LIKE WOW!

Kinsugi can be any piece of ceramic pottery. So wether you want a decorative plate or a new vase there is a kintsugi piece for your home. This makes it an ideal decorative accent, because you can pick any type of accent you need to finish off your space, and not to mention it makes a wonderful gift. Tangent, but I hate the phrase “not to mention”, because it's like I clearly just mentioned that to you - But, whatever your friends will love it and hopefully ugly cry when they get a beautiful and touching gift from you - Let me know <3

Examples of Kintsugi - many one of a kinds can be found from sellers on Etsy

Also fun fact for my Beyoncé Beyhive fans out there (they are everywhere). Kintsugi was actually featured in the groundbreaking visual album Lemonade. Right before the song “Sandcastles” during a spoken portion about forgiveness a kinsugi bowl is shown in the video. This was a visual representation of Beyoncé and Jay-Z repairing their relationship and embracing the scars that got them to this point in the film. AGAIN LIKE I CANT GET OVER IT! I CAN’T GET OVER HER! SORRY FOR YELLING I’M JUST PASSIONATE ABOUT IT! It’s such a small part of the film and it’s just a cutaway shot that most might not even get. But, it is such a fierce symbol of the message of the album and just another example at how these beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces can add so much DRAMA and interest to your own home.

Kintsugi bowl featired in Beyoncé’s film Lemonade

Kintsugi bowl featired in Beyoncé’s film Lemonade

Also, if like super broken pottery is a bit too emotional or edgy for you. No worries, Kinsugi is actually being featured in functional dining china. Many different designers are embracing it and you can get so many different styles to dress up you plain dinner plates. Though these are clearly not one-of-a-kind, it is another way to honor the art form and add it to your daily life in a unexpected way. Think chic dinner party with your close friends and eating off these dishes! I Die!

Hybrid Ceramincs

Lately everywhere I look in both fashion and interior design I am seeing spliced or hybrid pieces. This is the combination of two or more pieces to create a new whole item. So a fashion example could be a jacket that is one half of an old camouflage jacket and one half a denim jacket. This “Frankenstein Fusion” as I like to call it, creates a new whole item - Making the new item feel like this mashup of designs. It's a very Virgil Abloh of the fashion brand Off-White moment. It's a fun unexpected marriage that you wouldn't normally think of seeing together.

Hybrid Examples from Seletti

This mashup design allows you to combine different styles, cultures, and color schemes to make a new harmonious whole. It embraces this new maximalist movement we are seeing in design without having to redo your whole place. Just add one of these bad boys to your coffee table or dinning table centerpiece - BOOM! More is more y’all and these decor pieces really give ya a bang for your buck design wise.

Kintsugi + Hybrid Ceramics Combined

Seletti has also designed some Kintsugi and hybrid ceramic pieces together. So these ceramics have the gold joining them back together, but they are made up of different plates, trays, or cups to create a new finished look. Although, this is not a traditional form of Kintsugi, it is a cool modern twist you can add to your place.

These simple small decor accents are a great way to refresh your home without going all out keeping up with trends. Let's admit it, they change constantly and we don't wanna redecorate every year. I mean I'd love to do that for you ;) BUT lets shoot for timeless with some trendy twists to make your home everlasting. So, maybe one of these can add some major design moments to you place somewhere.